Workshops for adults

In addition to our work with under-18s, we offer a variety of workshops for adults. 


Feature 1

Corporate Team Building Activities

There is a worldwide shift happening at the moment towards recognising and addressing the problem of gender inequality. Women are realising that they are stronger when they support each other, and that the "catty and competitive" successful woman trope is counterproductive and outdated. Girls Rock! Melbourne will work with women on all levels of your business to increase their self confidence, camaraderie, teamwork skills, and communication, while having lots of fun learning instruments and unleashing their inner rock stars! 

Contact us to work out a plan that can help you achieve your goals!


Feature 2

Creating Inclusive Spaces for Gender Diverse Youth

Designed for educators and those who work with youth in other areas, this workshop will educate participants on the basics of gender identity and will provide an overview of how to understand and support LGBTQI+ and gender diverse youth.   

Please email our Diversity and Inclusion Officer Ruby Watson for more info. 



Feature 3

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