Studio sessions

Girls Rock! Melbourne is planning a new 8-week music development program in the second half of 2018. Girls Rock! Studio Sessions (GR! SS) will be held at both Oxygen Youth Space (OYS) and Audrey Studios. GR!SS will provide authentic skill-based industry experience as a pathway for approximately 15 young female, trans, and gender nonconforming people aged 12-17 who are interested in a career in the creative sector.

As part of the program, two bands will rehearse with a songwriting mentor three times at OYS to create original pieces of music, which will then be recorded and mixed at Audrey Studios by a group of supervised sound engineering participants. The bands will also play a live launch gig at OYS to showcase their accomplishments to their parents, friends, and the local community. At this gig, the sound will be live mixed by the participants in the sound engineering stream as part of their educational experience.

Now taking Expressions of Interest!

If you would be interested in being in part of a band or part of the sound engineering group, please sign up here for more information!

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