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Girls Rock! Melbourne

Amplifying the voices of female, trans, and gender diverse youth through music education and positive mentorship.


Girls Rock! Melbourne aims to empower young female, trans, and gender diverse people aged 10 - 17 through music and education.

We hold school holidays programs, workshops, and other events throughout the year in an effort to address the problem of gender inequality in the music industry.


Next Camp: September 2019

Our next school holidays day camp program will be held from September 23-27, at Wick Studios, Brunswick, with the Matinee Showcase held on Sunday, September 29th at Northcote Social Club.

Participants, Apply for camp here!

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What parents are saying

My child participated in the first GR!M and it was possibly the single most influential, self esteem building, creative and eye opening experience she has ever had.
She had such an empowering and confidence boosting experience
As a parent, it was great to roll up each day of the camp and see everything so organised: I could have complete faith all would be well, and that the camp organisers obviously had a handle on everything at all times. That’s always such a relief.
When my child participated in Girls Rock last January, it was life changing- was amazing for her to be around girls and women in a positive, accepting, and creative environment.