Hex's GR!M 2017 highlight

We can't believe it's almost been a month since camp started! What an incredible experience it was for everyone involved. GR!M is all about building up our campers and showcasing their abilities and strengths. Ruby asked Hex, one of our campers, to write about her highlight of the camp and here it is!


"On this beautiful Thursday at 12:15pm, Girls Rock was graced with the presence of Hip Hop and Jazz musician Lady Lash. Walking on stage, immediately capturing the attention and respect of an initially unenthusiastic looking crowd with her powerful rhymes and rocking lady vibes. She spoke on issues such as family, hometowns, following your dreams and loving yourself. It’s refreshing to hear true honesty in the lyrics of a hip hop song, a genre which, while being amazing in many other ways, can often lack honesty. In Lady Lash’s performances, the passion and conviction in her voice makes you never doubt whether her experiences were true. Whilst a lot of mainstream hip hop and rap musicians will talk about their houses and their cars and their watches, Lady Lash talks about how little material things matter, and how finding yourself and loving your family will create more happiness in the long run.

 As a person who has great love and respect for hip hop and jazz music, I listen to a lot of it. Like, A LOT. But even when you listen to these genres as much as I do, it’s still rare to come across a traditional female artist, much less a female Australian artist. Because of this we can sometimes forget there is a whole community of female hip hop artists right here in Australia, each one more amazing than the last, and all we have to do is look for them.

It’s also interesting to hear about an artist going from wanting fame and fortune to grounding themselves with family and home, instead of the other way around. In many cases, artists will start off with humble passions and goals, but end up receiving and wanting fame, fortune and recognition. Which is fine really, but everything in moderation. So, it’s great that there are people like Lady Lash going in the opposite direction.

Whilst being creative and inspiring, the jazz undertones of her songs really made me want to dance. But everyone else was sitting down and listening hard, so I thought I’d hold off, so as to not distract people too much and definitely not because I was super embarrassed.

I’d recommend Lady Lash’s music to anyone who’s into learning to love themselves, being proud of their Aussie roots, and having a good old fashioned dance to some rockin’ hip hop tunes."