Interview with Bonnie after September camp!

Camp is always an emotional rollercoaster. We are constantly blown away by the talent and kindness of our campers, and our September camp was no different. One of Ruby's personal highlights was stumbling across an inspirational quote a camper had put on their nametag. Ruby sat down with 12 year old Bonnie to chat about her camp experience.



R: Bonnie, can you just tell me a bit about your experience of camp this week- what it was like, and what you did the week of camp?

B: Girls Rock! is an amazing place for young musicians; young girls and transgender people to come together. They form bands and you can do workshops and watch live concerts and it's actually truly amazing. At the end of the 5-day camp you perform your original band song at the showcase! I got to do vocals the week of camp and loved it.

R: So, camp is over, we’ve actually just finished the showcase and you’ve just walked off stage after finishing the camp song. How are you feeling?

B: Pumped! I want to do it again!

R: That’s so awesome! Did you have a highlight of the week?

B: Probably today when everyone told me that I did such a great job and it made me feel so good.

R: You did a really great job- it's tough to get up there and be the front person of a band, and it can be pretty scary, but you owned the stage!

B: Thanks!

R: What was your band name, Bonnie?

B: Odd Socks

R: Rad! How did you come up with that?

B: I actually don’t really know. It was one of our band members, she suddenly said "Odd Socks" and we were like “That’s cool!”

R: That’s so great, I like the name. It can be so hard to come up with a band name. You had a bit of a costume to go with your band name too. Can you tell us about that?

B: Oh yeah! Kelly, our band coach, bought us all fluoro odd socks and we wore them on the day.

R: It looked really cool! Go Kelly! Do you think there’s a chance of Odd Socks staying together?

B: Quite Possibly.

R: That would be so cool!! Can you tell me just a little bit about your song that you wrote?

B: The song that my band wrote together was about friendship and someone betraying someone and then getting really angry about it. 

R: Oh okay, wow! That’s definitely not a nice feeling. Hopefully, something like that didn't happen at camp this week!

B: No!!

R: Before we finish up, I just wanted to say that one of my highlights from this week was reading your zine and reading the quote that you had on your nametag. Do you mind sharing that?

B: Sure. It said, “Women are here, you know. We are not just alive to be pretty and skinny. We are just as amazing as men!”

R: That is so true! Thank you so much. I actually got a bit emotional when I read that, which is a bit embarrassing, haha. Thank you again for coming to camp and sharing your words and music with us. Hopefully, we see you for our January camp!

B: You will!

 Photo by Kalindy Williams Photography

Photo by Kalindy Williams Photography