GR!M Camp Week 2017 Begins!

Yesterday was the first day of the inaugural Girls Rock! Melbourne camp. I think it's safe to say that EVERYONE was a bit nervous to start with (volunteers included!), but after a few hours that all dissipated when we all realised how awesome, friendly, and supportive everyone was! 

Earlier in the day we created some group agreements to set the pace for the week and help remind us about what's important to us at camp.

Have a look: 

•    Being confident
•    Free to ask questions - there is no “stupid” question
•    Respect each other - be inclusive and do not be dismissive of other ideas
•    Maintain eye contact with others if they are comfortable with that
•    Be kind

Be Supportive
•    Congratulate people
•    Encourage others
•    Listen to others
•    Help others (if you can)
•    Its okay to make mistakes - camp is a learning experience
•    Supporting other people’s opinions
•    Compliment one another on achievements
•    Try your best

Be Open-Minded/Try New Things
•    No trouble for trying new things
•    No put downs
•    Apologise genuinely
•    Right to pass
•    Right to be confident
•    Be accepting of people’s identities
•    No human or person is invalid
•    Don’t discriminate

Be Inclusive
•    If someone is sitting alone, talk to them
•    Ask for everyone’s ideas and accept them!
•    Be aware of differences and be respectful of differences
•    Check in with your bandmates (and other campers) to make sure they’re okay and find out how their day is
•    Compliment people on something great they’ve done
•    Just chill!

Support each other
•    Involve everyone
•    Don’t stereotype - non-discrimination based on age etc
•    Check in with each other
•    #Preferences - use preferred pronouns/names

•    Be inclusive (saying hi, respectful language, pronouns, people with disabilities, etc)
•    Be considerate of other people (quiet kangaroo, devices away)
•    Supportive of all bandmates / campers (respecting boundaries, personal space, be aware)
•    Listen to each other, share ideas, give each person a go, compliment
•    Eye contact, body language, etc
•    Don’t bag each others music taste or playing style, etc

Have Fun!
•    Don't be afraid to make mistakes - the main thing is to have fun
•    Meeting people with similar interests
•    Making new friends
•    Listening to live music

What do you think? Are we missing anything? We will be adding to them all week if we think of anything else we might have overlooked, but I think this is a great start!