I have been a music fan since before I can remember, but I didn’t really start playing or making music myself until I was about 16. I used to attend a lot of all ages gigs back in Perth, and every weekend we were out watching local bands down at the skate park. That’s how I met my close friend (now Swim Team bandmate) Esther, and for some reason we thought that it’d be fun to get together after school on the weekends and jam out some of our favourite Strokes and White Stripes songs on our cherry red Squire Stratocasters. We never formed a real band (until many years later!) or played a show, but it was what started my journey as a real life hobbyist musician.

Over the years I have played in a lot of bands on a lot of different instruments! I have a serious problem with collecting ridiculous instruments that I will teach myself and then essentially play for about five minutes before moving on. Right now, my latest obsession is guitar pedals! But I know that tomorrow it could be something entirely different. I like to think of myself as a multi-instrumentalist, but I know I’m just a Jack of all trades and a master of none! No shame whatsoever, though. Playing music for me has always been about seeing as many bands as possible, having a creative outlet, and being involved in fun projects with my mates!

I have been really lucky in my life to be able to play with so many great bands alongside many inspirational women who I get to call my friends and comrades. To be a part of this inclusive and supportive community in Melbourne really is a fantastic feeling and a real life-changer.  I would definitely recommend it to any young women out there even considering starting a band. Pick up an instrument, grab some friends and get writing!


Waikiki – New Technology

I saw Waikiki play at a Big Day Out when I was a teenager. I remember so clearly it being that definitive moment that made me want to pick up a guitar. I immediately loved everything about Juanita Stein, from the tone of her voice to the guitar she was playing, and her catchy brand of pop rock! I’m a little embarrassed to admit that after having this revelation, I topped it off by dying and cutting my hair to look exactly like Juanita’s. I guess I must have wanted to be just like her!

Look Blue Go Purple – Circumspect Penelope

Some of my favourite bands come from the Flying Nun label and LBGP are one of those. The Dunedin sound continues to inspire bands today – my own included - those kinds of lo fi jangly guitar sounds and vocal harmonies are my favourite combinations by far!


Giant Drag – Garbage Heart

I’ve been following Annie Hardy’s music for around a decade and she’s always been of a big interest to me. I picked up the Hearts & Unicorns record based purely on the front cover and was so excited when I gave it its first spin! She’s loose, nonchalant and entirely unapologetic. I love that!


NOTS – Inherently Low

We saw NOTS at Gonerfest 12 last year in Memphis while the Pink Tiles were gallivanting around America. I saw and played with a lot of amazing bands for the first time on this tour, but NOTS was definitely a stand out. I remember turning to another bandmate Krystal from Swim Team in the crowd after their set and we just looked at each other with a mutual understanding of how inspiring they were for us both. Like we couldn’t wait to get back home and into the rehearsal room and get to work on lifting our game!


Tacocat – Crimson Wave

Another band I came across on my travels in America was Tacocat. I hadn’t heard of them before, but by chance they were playing at Pappy & Harriet’s in Joshua Tree, California on the same night that my friends and I were passing through. I immediately fell in love, because Tacocat are a band that like to have fun and present positive feminist messages through catchy garage pop music.