Photo by  Alice Macfarlan

Photo by Alice Macfarlan

This week we were lucky enough to talk to Lucy, vocalist of The Sugarcanes about her influences and presence within the Melbourne music scene. Have a read. Do it!


"I was 15 when I found my voice. I had been singing for years but I had never really trusted myself. That was until I met a truly kick-ass woman, Anna H. She was my drama teacher at school and had MS. She was a 4 foot 2 inch, pocket rocket on wheels. I was always teased for being overly loud and a little strange at school but it was Anna who taught me to be proud of who I was. She gave me the confidence to be the little kid with ADD who bounced off the walls and had chronic foot in mouth disease. Over the years I've realised how important confidence and trusting yourself is, as well as surrounding yourself with like minded people in the music industry. It feels easy to get caught up in the politics of it all but at the end of the day, the music will speak for itself."


Gwen Stefani - The Climb
When I’m just a girl came out in 1996 I was in grade 6 and I thought, "holy shit I wanna be just like Gwen". She was tough, talented and stuck it to the boys, I was in awe. The first few No Doubt albums will always be comfort food for me and Gwen will always be close to my heart as she gave me the guts to stand up and sing. My singing style is fairly representative of the early No Doubt songs, in my own way, I guess. The video is 8mins of pure fucking glory.


Bertie Blackman - Hold me close
Bertie Blackman’s second album, Black is my most listened to rock album. Her songs are so simple but catchy as fuck. Every song on that album is great and it really is a great unsung Australian album!


Jen Buxton - It Says No Homers (We're Allowed to Have One)
The first time I saw Jen play was in the kitchen of a beer soaked share house in Newcastle and it made my friend Tom cry. I’ve never watched someone more captivating than Jen, her lyrics and melodies make my heart melt every time.


Vika and Linda Bull - What you want
These two woman are probably my favourite Australian singers. Their harmonies are second to none and they have such a rich musical career. I saw them live on the weekend and it blows my mind every time how two voices could compliment each other so well.


Amy Winehouse - I’ll love you move than you’ll ever know
There’s not much I can say about Amy that hasn’t been said already. Her life was splashed across the world on a weekly basis, I guess she was a true example of what happens when we forget that famous people are actually people. The night she died my friend Mark texted me and to told me the news and I cried. So talented yet fragile, I hope we learned a valuable lesson from her, for me it was that no one is invincible, not even Amy. I feel so lucky to have witnessed such a fucking voice in my lifetime, vale.


Love Lucy xx