This week we chatted to Jules, drummer of La Bastard about her musical roots and the artists who inspired her. Here's what Jules has to say:

Music was and still is the thing that makes me happiest in the whole world. I couldn't possibly be more passionate about anything. I've always had music in my life, but started learning the drums when I was 12. I had the most amazing teacher for the first four years and loved my half hour lesson the most out of my entire school week. It was the one class I truly looked forward to and probably the only class I actually wanted to do my homework for! 

Being a female drummer has of course had many challenges and I am continually faced with ignorance and patronising comments......I could tell many a tale, but all I really need to say is that with every challenge I have become stronger and more passionate about what I love. With every ignorant comment, I have become more determined to be recognised as a drummer, not a "female drummer", so really - I have to thank a few people for challenging me along the way! 

The entire music industry is of course very male dominated, but it is also full of so many amazingly talented women. I have compiled a list of some of my favourites, but I must say - it's been incredibly hard to pick just five and then to pick just one song from each of them! 

PJ Harvey has always been one of my favourites, a multi-instrumentalist and an artist that keeps redeveloping herself. I'm always blown away by the music she releases and have loved it since I was a teenager. From angsty rock to beautiful ballads, I am such a huge fan of PJ's music in it's entirety. One of my all time favourite songs of hers is "One Line" from the album Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea. Being a drummer, I was always especially drawn to this song for it's use of odd time in the verses - it's in 7! 


Sleater Kinney are my undisputed rock goddesses! I finally saw these rockstars live earlier this year after they reformed. When they broke up a million years ago, I just put them down to being one of the many bands I love dearly, but would NEVER see live. When they reformed and released a new album I was so excited I think a little bit of wee came out! Seeing them live was such a treat, they truly are amazing, rocking, legends!! So many great songs to choose from, but one that always makes me jump around the room would have to be "One Beat" from the album One Beat. 


An artist I discovered much more recently was Tune-Yards, I think she is just incredible. She's done a lot of different stuff and worked a lot with loop pedals, but I'd have to say I just love her rhythmic approach to writing. She's a very interesting song writer and seeing her live a few years ago was one of the best shows I've ever been to. She had such an interesting set up and the drummer was amazing! Her set up was really interesting, a couple of electronic drum pads, a floor tom, a metal water bottle and all the while she was singing incredible harmonies - it was such a treat!! The first song I ever heard was "Bizness" from the album Whokill!


Björk is an artist many people admire and I am just a mere ant on that list....! It's so wonderful to follow an artist that doesn't seem to have any limitations. If she imagines something, she does it. I have no idea how she imagines any of the things she does, but - she does! I'm so jealous of anyone who has seen her live, one day I'm sure I will too - fingers crossed!! It's hard to pick just one song over such an expansive career, but one song that really gives me goosebumps (especially when the drums really kick in at3:03) would have to be "Crystalline" from the album Biophilia.


I'm such a huge fan of women with powerful voices, big stage presences and those who aren't afraid to push the boundaries. In light of that sentence, Betty Davis would have to be atop my list! What a legend. I remember the first time I heard her music, I was literally dumfounded and felt ashamed I had taken so long to hear her music! I felt I'd wasted so much time! Thankfully, the rest of the world felt the same, she has a brand new release of previously unreleased music and there's even a documentary coming out next year about her - I can't wait to see it! I've been thoroughly enjoying spinning my records to find my favourite Betty song, I would have to say it's been the hardest choice, but try this one out - "If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up" from the album Betty Davis.