It’s not long until participant and volunteer applications will be released. So, keep an eye out! Yep, just one. In the mean time, we’re going to be posting a weekly profile showcasing different artists who are involved with GR!M. First up we have Mara from The Pink Tiles and Pleather Purrs.

Here’s what Mara has to say about why she started playing music and some of the artists who encouraged her to start jamming:

I got into making music from being a fan. It was my life project to go and see bands 5-7 nights a week and before I knew it, I saw so many bands, it felt like everybody I knew was in a band. I eventually started a band with my friend Victoria who I met whilst seeing a one woman band (Becky Lee and Drunkfoot) at The Tote. But it wasn’t a quick process. I actually spent my entire life thinking I could never be in a band. Then a few things changed that:

Influential Artists

The Breeders – Safari
When I was a pre-teen, I loved New Kids on the Block listening to MMM, and riding around on roller blades. Then I discovered The Breeders – the almost all women band. I’d never seen anything like it before: electric guitars, staring at the floor, layers of sounds and mean sounds without being mean. It was a new kind of pop. Watch this clip to see Tanya Donnelly shred whilst wearing a scrunchy.

The School of Radiant Living - Orc Of The Gnomes
So I didn’t really think it was possible to go and play music until I was gifted a bass. Before that I used to love seeing indie scrappy pop sensations The School of Radiant Living. I even saw them play their first gig on a Sunday night next to these alt country bands. SRL might be a distant memory but when you see women your age just start a band, in your hometown it definitely sends a message that you can do it too.

Peggy Seeger- Little Girl Child
Folk Singer Peggy Seeger whilst not punk in sound, is punk in spirit, and has been a long-time supporter of women doing non-traditional things. On her last tour I told her that she was brilliant and that young people need to see her. She touched my head and told me that as a younger woman I needed to go forth and play music, and pass on a feminist message to a younger audience. When she said it at the time I didn’t think anything of it. Little did I know that she planted a seed.

Gonerfest 8: Midnite Snaxxx at the Hi-Tone
I love music so much that I saved my pay and leave and went overseas to watch other bands play gigs on holidays. When you see total legends on the other side of the world, in the flesh with a dynamic rock and roll show who really deliver 3 chord rock and roll stylings, it makes you think if they can, why can't I?

Wet Lips - Can't Take It Anymore
They’re young, they’ve got a message, they’re putting it out there and they’re inspirational. Anthems aplenty from this all-star trio. I love seeing the rise and rise of The Wet Lips and it all started: just three friends who decided to form a band one time.