Photo by Danny Cohen

Photo by Danny Cohen

LOOSE TOOTH are a Melbourne three-piece who make smouldering harmonic pop gems, drenched in reverb and hindsight. Long-time friends Etta Curry, Nellie Jackson and Luc Dawson have had a busy 2016 releasing their debut EP

Saturn Returns on Milk! Records and will win your heart with their infectious live performance and onstage chitchat. Seeing LOOSE TOOTH really is a beautiful thing.

Swept together from the ashes of your finest night on the tiles LOOSE TOOTH are a

Melbourne three-piece who craft sweet guitar pop with frayed edges and swollen hearts. Life-long mates Etta Curry and Nellie Jackson met in crèche and spent naptime dreaming of creating a heavenly racket. Long-time friends Luc Dawson was drafted in on bass to transform their sketches into the sort of songs that stick in your head for days.  Spacious and drenched in reverb, Loose Tooth's smouldering pop gems deliver heartfelt assessments through misty eyes. 2016 has been busy for Loose Tooth. Releasing their debut EP, Saturn Returns on Milk! Records and playing festivals, Boogie Festival, Camp Nong, Reclink Community Cup, and supports for Gold Class, Jess Ribeiro, Hinds (Spain), Jen Cloher, Courtney Barnett and Chastity Belt (to name just a few.) Whether spluttering to life on an empty tank or hitting harmonies in full flight, seeing LOOSE TOOTH really is a beautiful thing.


Chastity Belt
One of our favourite bands! We were lucky enough to play with them this year and ended up being great mates! It's always nice when people you inspire are also really great people.


Sheer Mag
Just go into these guys at the start of the year- so much gusto! and I've heard amazing live too!


Angel Olsen - Shut up Kiss Me

This is one of Etta's favourite musician's and I'm sure Angel's influence has made her way into a lot of Loose Tooth song writing!


Totally Mild - Down Time

Melbourne favourites! I think we all listened to 'Down Time' to death, but it never gets old!


Wet Lips 4 eva!