The very first Cable Ties gig was in a backyard in Brunswick in March 2015 in celebration of the Wet Lips EP launch, which has now become a yearly event called WETFEST. Jenny and Shauna had met a year before that at a day music festival where there was a bunch of punks looking lost in the unfamiliar wilderness of Port Melbourne. Jenny was playing in a couple of bands at the time, but wanted to start a band where she could sing and play guitar. Having a long history of playing in folk music bands as a teenager, there was some serious guitar chops under there that was waiting to be warped, turned electric and ready to shred. Shauna had been in a band at uni and had started recently playing drums in an improv noise duo. After a Jenny and Shauna had few jams they decided that it was time to recruit another member. That's when Nick was invited to the picture, who at the time was hosting a graveyard radio show on PBS and was super keen to start playing music again after a stint of playing bass a couple of years ago.

Having such varied musical backgrounds their influences are certainly a reflection of that, but here is five artists that stand out.



Kate Burke and Ruth Hazleton – A-Soalin'

Jenny: “This duo were the first all women guitar duo I'd ever seen back when I was a folkie. They shredded guitars, banjos, mandolins and a whole bunch of other instruments and disrupted the idea that women only played violin and sang sweet harmonies. They're the reason I learned the guitar and tried to play more than you're standard 3 chord singer/ songwriter stuff.”


Savages – Shut Up

Jenny: “It was the first I'd seen of them and the energy of the band absolutely blew me away. I wanted to make music that conveyed that level of emotion. I love the way that they build and release tension.”


La Luz – You Disappear

Shauna: “These ladies were probably one of the greatest stand outs of all the bands that we saw at Burgerama in 2015. Pulling out all the great surf sounds but reinterpreting them to a modern audience, whilst being incredibly tight and intricate in their arrangements.”


Camp Cope – Done

Shauna: “We pretty much cry every time we see them live or listen to this record. Georgia's voice is one of the greatest in right now and the rest of the world is starting to catch on to Melbourne's formerly best kept secret. Jenny also helped in their #ittakesone campaign to stop abuse and harassment at gigs, which we've all been witness or victims to in the past.”


White Lung – Face Down

Shauna: “Another powerhouse live band that I pretty much spent their entire set with my mouth open. One day I want to be able to play drums with the ease and speed that Anne-Marie can. Their singer Mish also writes on feminism for great publications like Rookie, BUST and Broadly.”