We're still feeling those good vibes from all the amazing music at our all-ages fundraiser with LISTEN on Monday. Thanks everyone who came out and especially to the amazing artists who played! For this week's profile we are focusing on one of those incredible acts and hearing about the musical influences of Elspeth, Charl & Andi from Huntly.  

Elspeth: I had one parent who wanted me to have music lessons and study hard and another who just wanted me to scream Janis Joplin and cry to Aretha Franklin. I love and live to sing - studied music, played in bands, did a masters in music therapy, now my whole life revolves around music in some way.

Charl was conceived in a bathroom stall at the Crystal Ballroom in the decline of Melbourne's punk scene. Then he learnt to play Jazz piano when he was a kid. Then he listened to Patti Smith. Then he studied sound art at university. Now he here.

Andi: "I learnt 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' on gtr and was hooked"

5 artists:


Geryon is a local act who is probably more talented than anyone I've seen at any big festival. Every time I see them live I am blown away, I always try and make eye contact with my friends in the crowd to signal, like "omg are you seeing this right now?" and they always return it with the same expression. Their live setup is unbelievably engaging to watch unfold. Also the actual music is so driving, layered but also precise and devo, basically everything I like.

Alice Ivy:

This is a live clip of Alice Ivy which you should watch because she is a legend producer, musician and live performer with an incredible ear for sampling. I've recently been speaking with her about how she puts it all together, and it's reeeeeally impressive. Also she is so passionate and knowledgable about her craft, and it opens up a space for women being the architects of electronic music, as opposed to the appreciators.


Noname is the hip hop project by Fatimah Warner, a Chicago based rapper and poet. Her beats are so textured and laid back and combined with her words and vocal tone, it makes my heart ache and I could listen on repeat. I don't have any intention or hope of being able to make hip hop and it's not my place to, but I endevour to support it with deep respect and appreciation forever and ever. Same goes for every song on Solange's recent album.


To me Cosi is one of the most creative songwriters in Melbourne. I love how she uses melody and she is a ripper guitarist. In this song she's describing the places I also grew up around in Brissy, and she sings the line, "I'd rather give my two good playing hands than stay in that hot climate and marry one of those men". I think she is a genius actually.

Lauryn Hill:

If you haven't listened to the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill over a hundred times then just stop reading this right now and do it. I have sob-sung this breakup song accusingly in the lounge room of every house I've lived in for the last four years, alone or with an equally emotional mate.