Hello dear loves. It is I, Miss Kelly, one half of Miss Miss sharing with you the tale of us. One time upon a time I was working on a short documentary that was feisty and punchy and all about a female martial arts fighter. I needed a track to support the film and was hunting high and low for some punk ass tunes that had the riot grrrl spirit but in a modern and local context. I had a pretty specific tempo, tune and lyrical content in mind and nothing was quite hitting the spot so I thoughts to myself … oh hell I’ll just do it myself. BAM! BABY GOT BORNED.

I must confess this isn't our first musical venture. Many moon cup cycles ago we played in the super hard core (read ukulele) metal (read acoustic) glam rock band (read folk trio) Apple Time.

Apple Time - Mangoes


So from our painfully earnest beginnings, we worked out how to write together in our own special way. Tracks usually start with a melody or lyric that I have in mind and then I sing my ideas at Laura and she translates them into REAL LIFE MUSIC!

I’ve always loved being on stage and performing and i’m definitely overtaken by the energy and adrenaline of playing live. I LIVE 4 IT. There’s something about being on stage and performing the self that really gets my brain and body ticking.

Miss Laura on the other hand, had always hated it. She’s a bit of a shy butterfly (she might get mad at me suggesting she’s a butterfly because she hates things that flap) that loves to make music but it often takes a lot of convincing to get her in front of human people. I asked her just now what changed because in Miss Miss she is totally alive when she’s up there with me. She kicks serious sweet booty. She pointed to her sternum and said “I needed to do this because playing our music made my this bit feel on fire”. So there ya have it. You might not get it or love it but it feels like a matter of urgency for us to do it. It feels like a very public and loud mental cleanse to sing and yell and drum and strum and playing our music completely revitalises us.

It became abundantly clear pretty early on, that sitting behind a drum kit or holding a guitar was going to stifle either the music or the performance BUT I NEVER GIVE UP EVER so to be mobile and to keep my face on a mic we opted for a small standing drum kit á la Gooch Palms. We’ve both loved the Gooch Palms since we first laid ears on them so it was totally natural and obvious to model our setup on theirs.

Gooch Palms - We Get By


We were lucky to score a residency after our very first scary gig and it forced us to write a bunch of songs. We discovered hoips of amazing bands and soaked up every second we got to spend with them. It was at one of these residency gigs we met the effervescent Shrimpwitch and seeing them play totally reframed what we were doing.

Shrimpwitch - Boyz Will Be Boyz


Our shows have always been full of ridiculous banter but being able to channel the sarcasm and irony into our music which is, at its core, jokes about stuff that comes out of bodies, made us feel like KWEEEEENS. The cis het dude bros lap it up coz we yell dick and clit but it feels like we’ve discovered a secret language where the rest of us get to engage with and relate to the fact that the joke comes from a place of pain and anger or wanting to be accepted or being completely fed up with the way we get treated or not agreeing with the way that society thinks you should look, talk, think and behave.

Speaking of owning your self and being a boss ass bitch (love me a tasty segue)

Lazertits - Boss Bitch


Things that I would like in the Miss Miss future include being more like Lazertits. Every time we see Lazertits play we are so inspired to write, to party and to hug our friends. I love watching Amy sing and it really gives me the itch to hand over my responsibilit…beats … I was aiming for a beats pun and lost myself somewhere along the way… anyway point is I want to sing and dance because Amy makes it looks so fun.

Did someone mention fun and future plans? Yes I did and I would like costumes. And dancers. In themed costumes. I really really need A LOT more costumes and wigs in my life. Props to these insane legends for that nugget of inspiration.

The Burnt Sausages - BBQ Party


Maybe it’s time to start up that Jane Fonda side project I’ve been dreaming up. That’s all for now. We love you. We thank you. Have a good life everyone <3

P.S. Sorry for yelling heaps. Im very excitable and basically a human labrador (this fact has been confirmed by SEVERAL Buzz Feed quizzes which OTHER IN BRACKET FACT according to Buzz Feed my spirit vegetable is a bell pepper)

um… bye?