Photo by George Downing

Photo by George Downing

This week's band profile is on the talented Chelsea Bleach. Hear what they have to say!

Chelsea Bleach got together at the start of 2014. So many times we’d all been hanging out with our group of friends and said ‘let’s start a band!’ Finally one day we did it, despite all of us being beginners or self taught. Jay was the only experienced musician in the group but drums was new to them. It took us over a year of writing and practising to actually play a show. I think one of the barriers to starting a band was the lack of representation we saw on the stage. We’d all been going to gigs together for a good three or four years at that point, since the end of high school, but most of the bands we saw were men. As a band made up of women and gender non-conforming people, we didn’t realise that we could do that too, or that there was space for us in the Melbourne music scene. We knew and loved bands made up of non-men but not locally. Emma and Em became fans of the Go Violets and they were a real inspiration. We’d already started jamming together by the time we first saw Wet Lips play, now friends of ours funnily enough, and that was an important gig for us. We could see musicians our own age, who were women and gender non-conforming people, absolutely taking control of the stage and that was powerful. We asked them to play our first ever show and they said yes. We’re so happy and excited to be playing music all the time, and about to release an EP. We hope that other women and GNC people can see themselves in us when they see us on a stage, and pick up an instrument to start a band too.


This is a classic track by Wet Lips, and still one of my faves. They were close to releasing this EP the first time we saw them play, and this song went off.


Two Steps On The Water are one of the most inspirational and amazing Melb bands around, we’re huge fans. This is their newest video clip.



Pink Tiles were another of the first bands we saw when we started playing Chelsea Bleach. Prani and I approached them at a gig to fan over how great they were and they've always been incredibly nice and supportive to us ever since!



I saw Coco Solid play at Howler a few months ago and it was one of the best gigs I've been to all year. I recently saw Coco Solid speak at the LISTEN conference and her keynote was a highlight of the festival, asking the audience and herself to constantly check who their feminism is for and what they're actually doing. Speaking, rapping or creating comics, Coco has an incredible energy that is super inspiring.



Gabriella Cohen is a real rising star. We were lucky enough to support her on the Melb show of her tour a couple months ago. This video is perfectly kooky, and it’s great when the song gets really noisy at the end.