The Reprobettes got together in 2012 as a result of bass player Jemma posting an ad on the internet. Jemma had just bought a bass and thought the best way to learn was to play in a 60s-style garage girl band and make it fun! Four years later, The Reprobettes are still going and we have gone from complete strangers with an interest in playing music to good friends (two of which founded Girls Rock! Melbourne). These are some of the songs we have found inspiring over the years. 

Suzi Quattro's first band, The Pleasure Seekers, were only in their teens when their first record came out. This song is just plain bad-ass, and oozes an attitude that we find very inspiring! 

Early music from The Pandoras has a great 60's punk feel, and those wails! Woooww!

The Marvelettes are best known for their hit "Please Mr Postman", but this song is our favourite due to it being an anthem for strong women. 

Led by the ever-inspirational Holly Golightly, The Headcoatees are worth checking out if you aren't familiar with their brash and unapologetic style of garage rock. This song is probably one of our favourite covers to play live.

We first became familiar with Rita Chao & The Quests from the Girls in the Garage compilations. The guitar sound in the beginning of the song combined with the drumbeat is just divine!

The B-52s are an inspiration to us because they embody the best part of making music- having fun! This is perhaps the most fun song of all time to have a dance and sing along to.