Photo by Greta Parry

Photo by Greta Parry

This week we had a quick chat to Jess Ribeiro about her musical influences! Take a gander.

I'm a singer songwriter, journal writer, dreamer. I've played venues and festivals around Australia, remote Australia and overseas. I chose these artists and songs because I love them. The living and the dead (R.I.P).

Empat Lima - Night Rider

Empat Lima is one of my favourite bands. I wish I was in their band, they are so cool.


Jade Imagine - Stay Awake

Jade Imagine is a multi talented musician who plays with many Melbourne artists. I have had the pleasure of playing with her and am excited for her solo emergence.


Childsaint - Hallelujah Heartbreak

Childsaint hail from Perth, they are like early warpaint but Australian.


Prince - Money Don't Matter 2night

I met Prince when I was younger. This song is for when I'm feeling down, which is now, as I have a broken and busted, crying heart.


David Bowie - Sound + Vision

Bowie's sound and vision, the song says it all.

Suicide - Dream baby dream

Dream baby dream, a beautiful repetitious hope inspiring song.