Photo by Louis Oliver Roach

Photo by Louis Oliver Roach

After our interview with RRR this week, we chatted to the super talented, Romy Vager. Here's what she has to say!


I started to play guitar at 16 because it was a hobby i was allowed to do that wasn't sports and because I thought it was pretty cool. I started to write songs that weren't very good but then i wrote songs that were OK. Eventually I wrote songs that i was proud of and sounded like me. Now i play those songs in front of people almost every week either by myself or in one of my bands, and it's both exciting and terrifying.
Writing songs gives me the power to tell the world off when i'm unhappy with it. It brings me closer to the people i love and it allows me to say things i'm not always comfortable saying. It means everything to me.


Nina Hagen - My Way

I used to think Nina Hagen was really weird but now she makes total sense to me. I guess my weirdness must've caught up with hers.

Siouxsie And The Banshees - Playground Twist

I first bought a Siouxsie And The Banshees CD when I was 15 and it taught me that wearing black all the time was really cool and that all the pop punk bands I liked were actually not very good.


Patti Smith - Land

Every time i feel doubt about what i'm doing I think about Patti Smith. She's my biggest influence right now. She paints the most beautiful pictures in her words and is probably the best singer I've ever heard.


Spike Fuck - Guts

This song came out just before I did and i was like 'phew, it's alright to be trans and still like The Triffids'. It's really nice to know that someone's on a similar path to you. I play in her band sometimes when she lets me.


Girl Crazy

Girl Crazy had a residency at The Tote once and they asked me to play solo. I was in-between bands and I wasn't sure if i should do it but I did and it totally restored my confidence. They're some of my favourite people ever and they write amazing songs like this one.