Photo by Nusha Gurusinghe

Photo by Nusha Gurusinghe

We're pretty excited to have the ever brilliant LAZERTITS performing at our upcoming fundraiser, in collaboration with LISTEN on October 31st at the Thornbury Bowls Club. Check out what they have to say!

We formed two years ago to play a NYE festival our mates put on. We sort of had an epiphany when we realised that all the guys in our friendship circle were in bands, but none of the ladies were! So it was originally just meant to be a one-off show for the festival, but we had so much fun and everyone was so supportive that we kept at it. Emi and Vick had both played their instruments since highschool but the rest of us were total n00bs! It was a learn-as-you-go situation, as we had heaps of other friends offering us gigs and we had to step it up to get good and actually write some songs in time to play! We had a super fun year playing shows and decided to release a few songs on our 7" EP "Aubergine Dreams" (the title of which was a little nod to feminism through the colour purple) last summer, which was then miraculously played on our favourite radio stations...None of us really expected people to like our stuff, and we all had varying study/travel plans this year that took precedence above band stuff so we've been on a little break. But now we're back and ready to rock...cos Girls Rock! Don't you know?



Solange - Mad

Because Solange is the queen of everything ever. Full. Stop.


Two steps on the water - Ships in the Night

This song is super beautiful with sorrowful violins, but still manages to have a really joyous ending



Crop Top - Well actually

Check your ego, you are not smarter than me!


Courtney Barnett - History Eraser

This song rules, such an effortless banger! Courtney is a massive inspiration to us in her songwriting, tuneful-speaking and general badassery.


Patti Smith - Gloria

Patti is our lord and saviour.