Photo by Peter Cahill

Photo by Peter Cahill

In anticipation of our fundraiser gig, in collaboration with LISTEN, we talked to The Girl Fridas this week about the songs that they love and how they came to be.

Alice is a classically trained musician playing violin and flute in orchestras from a young age. She picked up guitar in high school and taught herself Green Day songs. Bianca is a classically trained guitarist. She took to the drum kit when it was all that was left over in band. After years of repressed musicianship Shannon picked up the bass for the first time.

 Alice asked on Twitter if anyone wanted to start a band with her. Bianca and Shannon answered the call and the rest is Herstory, as they say.



Chelsea Bleach – Public Safety


The Football Club – You and Yr Friends


Rachel Maria Cox – A Phone I Can’t Use


Swim Team – You Don’t Know (What You Do to Me)


Piss Factory – Down and Out (In Sydney and Melbourne)

also, for those of you who don't know, The Girl Fridas have a rad zine, which you should definitely check out. Here's the link to excerpts of their first zine: